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Finally, my photos. I had trouble uploading my photos while in Providence. In addition to the slow connection at my hotel, Flickr changed their interface and created a bunch of bugs which were not squashed by the time I got home. Really slowed things down. I edited zillions of photos down to about 430. Which can be seen here as soon as I lift the viewing permissions on them. I plan to do that as soon as this diary is published. An explanation on my camera: I carry the smallest good camera I can find. It's a Canon PowerShot S90. I bought it because it was, at the time, the best low light camera around. I don't like using a flash and it takes pretty good photos in the dark but consequently the pics in extremely low light end up grainy. I'll be posting many photos taken at twilight or in the dark plenary sessions and they will be a little grainy. I'll never carry a DSLR, I'll leave that up to the pros.

And now, for my on-going series:

Idiot, with Idiot Camera

Tuesday, June 5th

I accompanied Bill in Portland Maine, Common Sense Mainer and vicki to Union Station Brewery to have lunch and approve the menu the brewery printed for the big Cheers & Jeers dinner. That photo diary, which made the front page, is here.

The Cheers & Jeers Dinner menu, a little self-portraity

Bill in Portland Maine and vicki

navajo and Common Sense Mainer

Next, off to the drug store to buy name tags for the dinner. Bill finds a product he wrote the copy for.
Who knew Bill had such talent!

Oh, behold, he has another talent. Completely on the other side of the street a cat becomes aware of the presence of the Cat Whisperer. She starts writhing like Madonna in heat, calling Bill over. He gives the kitty some serious quality time.

vicki, my personal sommelier. I scored 6 nice bottles from this haul.

Back to the Westin, where we meet up with...

...jnhobbs!!! Here he demonstrates how strong and functional his new bionic hips are. He jumped in the air then ran around the room. It's pretty much a miracle. Last year Land of Enchantment pushed him around in a wheel chair. I didn't know he was so tall.

Later that evening, it's dinner with Land of Enchantment, Meteor Blades and jnhobbs

A Providence street in front of Hemenway's Seafood restaurant, I love the old architecture on the East Coast.

jnhobbs offering me some of...


Wednesday, June 6th

On Wednesday, I attended an all-day strategy session called Women Connect. The participants were invited by Netroots Foundation and Women Donors Network.

There are many, many more photos BELOW:



Raven Brooks of Netroots Foundation welcoming our group.

Elisa Batista and Anita Jackson from

Mary Rickles and Raven Brooks, organizers of Netroots Nation

We broke into groups to create a timeline of the women's movement. This helped us distill our future actions to be more effective as individuals.

Joel Silberman heading a breakout session

After the pre-conference I head to the registration area where I know I'll find more Kossacks!

Let the registration begin!

Belinda Ridgewood, side pocket, Winglion and Mrs. side pocket

Grey Hawk, Hawk Wife and Ember


JanF, mayor of J Town

Floja Roja, Jez and DonnaMarie

Armando and Joan McCarter, front pagers at Daily Kos

Eric Thut and My Misspent Youth manning the registration desk

Meteor Blades chatting with Brillig and Julie Gulden chatting with Mik

loggersbrat and Chacounne

Tia Rachel and The MomCat

Outtakes from the Cheers & Jeers Dinner diary:

norm drinking????????

Cedwyn and her lobster mac' n' cheese

Land of Enchantment

jlms qkw getting a serious hug from Independent Man and jnhobbs getting ready for his...


Sharoney and Mr. Sharoney smooching, (Ukiyo looking kinda creepy-third-wheely)

RLMiller flashing me

With her back to us, Sara R is holding court. From L-R: Winglion, Floja Roja, loggersbrat, Pam Spaulding, JanF, Belinda Ridgewood and Oke


Markos and a gilas girl

Markos showing us video of his son, Ari, playing the piano. Ari was brilliant! His dad was very proud.


Meteor Blades and a gilas girl

Thursday, June 7th

Navi Ganancial and Arshad Hasan, both staff at Netroots Nation

The American Indian Caucus: (We'll cover this in more detail this Sunday with our 17th edition of First Nations News & Views. 4PM Pacific.)

Our guest speaker: Paulla Dove-Jennings, a local Narrangansett storyteller. Notice her tobacco pouch on the table.

Paulla Dove-Jennings's tobacco offerings for our caucus. Three bits, one for the past, one for the present and one for the future.

I had to photograph her ring. It's a Quahog Shell/Wampum ring

American Indian Caucus: Meteor Blades, navajo and Paulla Dove-Jennings

Belinda Ridgewood modeling her bracelets from Wings and Aji

Belinda Ridgewood, UnaSpenser and dopper

Lobster roll at the Westin

Bill in Portland Maine sitting in the Daily Kos booth with the other front pagers

Angela Jean chatting with Meteor Blades


This photo diary is continued in Part 2

Originally posted to DIVA on Thu Jun 14, 2012 at 01:41 PM PDT.

Also republished by J Town, DKOMA, and Progressive Hippie.

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